Christian Moral Dedication

A Christian Moral Dedication for the Catolic Diocese of One Spirit

by Daniel C. Maguire and James H. Burch

We believe in the REIGN OF GOD, this reign which fuels our world, filling it with love and beauty just beneath the surface of all that is1. We believe that we are called to join God in creating a world in which oppression gives way to justice2. And we believe it can be done.

We believe that wholehearted biblical JUSTICE is the hallmark of the reign of God, a justice that shudders at poverty and will not rest until all God’s people are showered with empathy and care. A Justice that acknowledges Creation as the instrument and reflection of Divinity. And we believe that injustice is our prime moral challenge and the central mission for Christian people3.

We believe in PROPHECY and that we are called to stand for what is right, to be the social conscience of our society, to work for an ever-better stewardship to the earth, to be specialists in the art of cherishing the earth and its peoples, and to join with the prophetic movements of all world religions. We want to stand for something important, and that something important is Christ.

We believe that PEACE can be achieved by justice4, and not by war, a peace in which all hostile barriers are dissolved. We know that we are all one person in God5. We claim only Peace and reject all hostilities.

We believe that our God is a God of TRUTH6, that we are missionaries of truth in a world awash with self-serving deceptions. We seek to be only Truth.

We know that we are called to FREEDOM8, and that freedom married to justice and compassion is the only true Freedom. We are grateful for this kind of Freedom and hold it as our ideal.

We believe in HOPE9, Hope which drives us to dream and work for a better world. Hope where the cries of the oppressed are no longer heard and where tears are wiped from sorrowing eyes. We carry this Hope in our minds and in our hearts.

We believe that the whole law is summed up in LOVE10 and that God is love11. Not out of shallow rote allegiance, but out of deep understanding that there is only One – and that One is God, and that God is Love – do we commit ourselves especially to loving those who consider themselves to be our enemies12. We see in Jesus that love can melt all divisions and heal all wounds.

We believe that JOY is our destiny, that the promise of the REIGN of God elicits sheer Joy13. Where joy is not present because of poverty or prejudice, our work is not done.

All of this we believe and to all of this we commit ourselves, because we are followers of Jesus.



1 … a God who loves us “wIth an everlasting love.” (Jer.31:3)

2 … a world where “justice and mercy kiss,”(Ps. 85:10) a world that will be like a “new heaven and a new earth” (Isa. 65: 17) a world where “they shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain, (Isa. 65:25)

3 … We believe that we are called to be “good news to the poor” (Luke 4:18), that making the interests of the poor our interests Is the only holiness.

4 … Isa. 32:17

5 … Gal. 3:28

6 … Ps. 31: 5

7 … where “truth stumbles in the market-place and honesty is kept out of court, so truth is lost to sight.” (Isa. 59: 14)

8 … Rom. 5:13

9 … that “what we shall be has not yet been disclosed (1 John 3:2), that the plan of the “GOD OF HOPE” (Rom. 15:13) for us has not yet been realized.

10 … Rom.13:10

11 … (1 John 4:16) and that loving like God whose “goodness knows no bound,” (Matt. 5:48) Is our mandate and model.

12 … for” only so can you be children of your heavenly Father, who makes his sun rise on good and bad alike, and sends the rain on the honest and the dishonest: (Matt. 5:45)

13 … Matt. 13:44

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