Kakuma Teachers’ Housing Project


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Help us raise $35,000 by December 2013 to build a teachers’ residence in Kakuma, Kenya

This project’s goal is to construct a teachers’ residence on the grounds of Loreng Primary School, established in 1975 in Kakuma, a region in northwestern Kenya.

Kakuma is a Swahili word for “nowhere” that reflects the remoteness of this mostly desert region. It is best known for its refugee camp, which serves people who have fled from wars, persecution, or famine in neighboring countries such as Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia.



Dust storms, malnutrition, outbreaks of communicable disease, and malaria are ongoing problems in Kakuma, where the average daytime temperature is about 104 degrees.Its remoteness and challenging conditions have made it difficult to attract and retain teachers. In addition, raids and cattle rustling have disrupted the focus on education, according to teachers at Loreng Primary School, which did not operate consistently until the government increased security in recent years.

Loreng Primary School currently has 3 teachers and 250 students (both boys and girls), or about an 83:1 student-to-teacher ratio. All 3 teachers are male, and the school is considering hiring a female teacher, but has not been able to do so because of the lack of housing, according to the deputy head teacher. The students are beneficiaries of a U.S.-funded international school feeding program.




The current teachers’ residence is inadequate and unsafe with only enough space for the head teacher and his deputy. The third teacher commutes about 13 miles from the town of Kakuma every morning or sleeps in a hut in the bushes on the school grounds. Frequent evening visitors to the teachers’ residence include poisonous snakes on the hunt for rats, as well as scorpions and spiders.



The government of Kenya no longer funds the construction of teachers’ residences, so Kakuma’s education officer noted that Loreng is privileged to receive contributions from this project to build a teachers’ residence for its primary school. The proposed residence will be built of stone and concrete. It will have a foyer and four private rooms, each with its own bathroom and kitchen, covering a total of approximately 1,200 square feet.


NOTE: An additional room will be added for a female teacher.

The teachers, education officials, and members of the community agreed that a teachers’ residence, modeled upon the blueprint shown below, will enable the school to house all three of its existing teachers and attract a female teacher. The Catholic Diocese of One Spirit (CDOS) will oversee the construction of the facility. CDOS is a non-profit corporation, and the U.S. diocese administers the various geographic dioceses.


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For more information, call (914) 356-7427 or email: kakuma.teachers_housing@yahoo.com

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