Via Membership

Then don’t hold back! If the CDOS spirituality resonates with you, don’t put this off and eventually forget it. Join the One Spirit Catholic Community as an official member. Enrich us by your presence, as our spirituality resonates with and blesses you. This is a two-way street. It’s a wonderful way to move ourselves forward.

Please read over this web site. Soak it in. Allow it to enliven your brain’s synapses. Get drenched in a waterfall of light. Then, if you feel drawn to connect with us, to be a part, to join in this chorus of contemporary Christian spirituality, become a member of the Catholic Diocese of One Spirit.

Even if you are a member of another denomination or religion, if our perspective reflects you as well, consider joining us today. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a “joiner,” consider beginning a relationship with us.

Enrich yourself, deepen your joyful understanding of life-forever, while you announce to the world – through membership in the Catholic Diocese of One Spirit – that you are part of the heretofore-unsung, largest spiritual movement in the world today. Become a member here

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