Via Ordination or Appointment

If you feel a call to take a leadership position within ministry – even in the midst of a full-time, non-ministerial job that you will continue in – then please contact us about ordination as a deacon or priest. Let’s talk about ordination as a deacon or priest, regardless of the artificial barriers of gender, lifestyle, marriage, divorce or educational-level barriers so many others have placed in your way. You may already have enough learning and experience, or you may need a little or a lot more. No matter; if it is your call in life, then today – this call – is for you?

Express your finest self. Be who you are. Fly the flag. Don’t hold back. Get your light out from under that bushel. Your guardian angels and friends in spirit, your deceased loved one and the Holy Spirit are all earnestly tugging at you now with this invitation to leap into your Next Best Self!

You can start by joining our Ordination Seekers email list. CDOS will send you periodic opportunities for exploring various topics and issues related to ordination and your preparation to seek it.

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