Brief Introduction

The message that Jesus brought was never a condemning one, or a set of beliefs to be adhered to under fear of punishment. It was, rather, a message of individual freedom, of each of us being a manifestation of Divinity itself, of love actually being the center that holds all things together, and of an invitation to recognize Divinity within all creation and within other people as the source of an ever-more-happy life.

The Catholic Dioceses of One Spirit is a group of world-wide Catholic dioceses (organizations) which try to pay attention to this beauty and to understand what it means, in order to bring more meaning and joy into our own lives at every moment. We try not to be pious, stiff, judgmental or demanding. We support each other when we are down, and encourage each other when things are going well…read more here.

A Video Introduction

Please turn up your speakers and watch this introductory presentation.


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